Ballet Style meets ... Leanne Cope

 This series of 10 snappy questions will offer a look-behind-the-curtain and gain an insight into their stylish lives.

This week Ballet.Style meets ..

Leanne Cope, Broadway and West End principal cast of Lise in the award-winning production of ‘An American in Paris’. 

I’ve known Leanne for many years, we were in the same year at The Royal Ballet Upper School, while living together ( another 6 ladies included I might add ) and worked closely at The Royal Ballet Company. I’ve always admired her classic approach to style, very classy and chic. 


 What style do you like most in the studio ?

I tend to wear a lot of black but my must have is a skirt. I have quite a collection, all lengths and different materials and I’m loving at the moment.


How would you describe your fashion outside the ballet studio ?

My basics are very simple but I like to add  colour with a coat or handbag , I would love to be a little more daring with my choices. When I pack for tour or holiday I try not to include jeans which are my staple back home. 

With Robbie Fairchild in  An   American in Paris. 

With Robbie Fairchild in An American in Paris. 

 Tell me how have you styled your home ?

It’s my sanctuary, I like it to be calm and light. We (my Husband Paul Kay, Royal Ballet) have lots of lamps and candles , I like playing with the lighting, it can make a room look and feel completely different. Plants as well, I love to bring the outside in and I enjoy the challenge of keeping them alive !


What’s your favourite meal to cook ?

I’m not a great cook but I love to bake, I like to give a homemade cake as a gift if we are  visiting friends and family . 


What’s your number one make-up product or beauty ritual?

I’ve struggled with my skin for many years and I’ve recently discovered Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty balm. It’s all natural, smells amazing and can be used to take off makeup, a mask and moisturiser. 


What do you eat before a big show ?

Before a show it’s generally pasta with vegetables or a sweet jacket potato. It’s usually an early dinner at around 3 - 4pm so I have time to digest, I learnt very quickly in An American in Paris that what and when you eat not only affects your dance performance but your voice too. Dairy before the show was a no - it creates too much mucous, gross but true.

What do you get up to on Sunday ?

 Sunday’s are for family, friends and good food.

Leanne with Pippen 

Leanne with Pippen 

Where is your favourite place to tour ? 

I have been lucky to tour to so many countries and interesting cities but Paris holds a special place in my heart . It really became home for two months .


What are you reading at the moment? 

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

 Is there anything you are doing outside of the ballet world you would like to share ?

I’m not dancing everyday now so I’m trying new things to keep fit, like running. I’m also training to become a Barre instructor at
Barreworks, it’s good to challenge your body in different ways.


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