Ballet Style meets... Steven McRae

This series of 10 snappy questions will offer a look-behind-the-curtain and gain an insight into the lives of your favourite figures from the world of dance..


The series opens with ...

Steven McRae, principal dancer with The Royal Ballet Company.

I chose Steven because having worked with him for many years I’ve always found his style in and out of the studio confident and calm with a real vibrant edge - an accurate reflection of his dancing. I knew he’d be a great guest.  


What style do you like most in the studio ?

No fuss! Clean lines and I want to see the body.


How would you describe your fashion outside the ballet studio ?

Simple. I am very much a white t-shirt kind of guy. I am always inspired by Scandinavian design both at home and fashion.


Tell me how you have styled your home ?

Our home is a calm place. Clean lines and big prints. Now that we have children they have added some colour to the house plus a few marker pen designs on the walls too!

Photo credit - Gregory Batardon

Photo credit - Gregory Batardon

What’s your favourite meal to cook ?

I love cooking a roast. I have a Heston Blumenthal cook book and I follow his roast potato method..... Very good!


Photo credit - Andrej Uspenski  

Photo credit - Andrej Uspenski  

What’s your number one make-up product or beauty ritual?

Kiehls face wash.


What do you eat before a big show ?

Sushi !! 


What do you get up to on Sunday ?

A lot of fun with my children. We usually have a family meal at our local pub too.

Where is your favourite place to tour ?

I love Japan.



What are you reading at the moment ?  

The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary.

Is there anything you are doing outside of the ballet world you would like to share ?

Raising my 2 children is my biggest passion.

At the park with Frederick & Audrey 

At the park with Frederick & Audrey 

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Also this book should be on everybody’s book shelf !