Pool Barre

A great way for me to get back into ballet shape is by doing a daily barre in the pool ! Water offers excellent resistance and you need to really use deep core strength for stability, it’s a lot harder than what it looks ! A Mojito on the side does help !! 🌴


Summer Workout

 I have received so many questions this summer about how I maintain my fitness while having 5 weeks off on break from The Royal Ballet Company ! I thought a little 3 minute video showing what I get up to in the gym might explain this ! I do rest ! For 2 weeks before my break on holiday ( to beautiful Florence in Italy this year ) I completely rest my body and don’t wiggle any toes ! But while I’m at a hotel I like to use the gym provided and get the body moving. It really is to maintain what I’ve got, not to try and gain muscle. When I get back to London I start to do some light ballet barres and yoga to get some balletic motions swinging. I also teach some ballet masterclasses throughout summer and I dance in galas, however this year I chose not to do any galas as I needed a summer off after a hard season, mentally. 


 Here’s the workout !!!


Huel tee - eu.huel.com

Bottoms -  https://www.calvinklein.co.uk

Next week I’ll be posting a video on my favourite stretches over summer!

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Olivia's Curry

When it comes to cooking I'm not that graceful, but I know my flavours well and what nutrition my body needs. This curry ticks all the boxes for a healthy meal. You have protein, a load of veggies ( a whole bag of spinach ) fresh ginger and garlic and some plain fluffy rice to soak it up. If I was cooking for a meal before a show, I would have swapped the white rice to brown and maybe not put so much chilli in it! This is a super easy and delicious meal and I want to throw away that image of ballerinas eating lettuce, because this ballerina doesn't! 

Dancing Fingers

It's not only feet that dance in the studio but hands too, look at these fingers go! We are extremely fortunate to have live music to dance to every day, and for Ashton's ballet 'Rhapsody' we get double! Look at Rob and Colin go for it!!! 

To watch this ballet go to - http://www.roh.org.uk/