Summer Workout

 I have received so many questions this summer about how I maintain my fitness while having 5 weeks off on break from The Royal Ballet Company ! I thought a little 3 minute video showing what I get up to in the gym might explain this ! I do rest ! For 2 weeks before my break on holiday ( to beautiful Florence in Italy this year ) I completely rest my body and don’t wiggle any toes ! But while I’m at a hotel I like to use the gym provided and get the body moving. It really is to maintain what I’ve got, not to try and gain muscle. When I get back to London I start to do some light ballet barres and yoga to get some balletic motions swinging. I also teach some ballet masterclasses throughout summer and I dance in galas, however this year I chose not to do any galas as I needed a summer off after a hard season, mentally. 


 Here’s the workout !!!


Huel tee -

Bottoms -

Next week I’ll be posting a video on my favourite stretches over summer!

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