Ballet Style meets ... Thiago Soares

This series of 10 snappy questions will offer a look behind-the-curtain and gain an insight into their stylish lives.

This week Ballet.Style meets ..

Thiago Soares, principal with The Royal Ballet Company, London. 

Thiago’s style is unique. He has a real ease and assured look around the Royal Opera House. I love that he wears a toweled dressing gown for class and a casual shirt for rehearsals, his look screams - SOARES ! 

Photo credit - Rick Guest

Photo credit - Rick Guest

What style do you like most in the studio ?

 I’m usually wearing dark clothing. I use a lot of things from a collection I’ve created with ‘Balletto Official’, a Brazilian dance clothing brand and the majority of the pieces are in black or dark blue. I wear jazz trousers and T-shirts for every day classes and rehearsals.  


How would you describe your fashion outside the ballet studio ?

   I think I am quite simple. I’m a fan of dark colours and sometimes my mind is on so many other things that I don’t plan much on what to wear. But I do recognise people in nice outfits and I’m a fan of the fashion industry and the influence that has on the art world. 

Photo Credit - Andrej Uspenski 

Photo Credit - Andrej Uspenski 

Tell me how you have styled your home ?

I’m a minimalist at home. But I like to have beautiful art on the walls and clean lines in the way that I place things. 

What’s your favourite meal to cook ?

I cook the basics, having said that, I can a do a great black beans with meat and some delicious South American dishes ! 


 What’s you number one make- up product or beauty ritual ? 

Not much - I apply cream on my face and elbows when I remember, and apply wax on my hair for a Saturday night. 

Photo Credit - Daryan Dornelles

Photo Credit - Daryan Dornelles

What do you eat before a big show ?  

Steak - crucial to get as much protein in as possible ! 

What do you get up to on Sunday ?

Museums, galleries, friends, paper work, films, Netflix and chill. Your classic Sunday full of life-admin that you just don’t get time to do during a week at the opera house. 


Where is your favourite place to tour ?

Japan for sure !

What are you reading at the moment?

 A book about Tarsila do Amaral who is an artist. 


Is there anything you are doing outside of the ballet world you would like to share ? 

I Swim on free weekends and play ping pong competitions for fun and to free my mind. 


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