Ballerina Tested - Nail Polish

Second in my Ballerina Tested series  ...  

Nail Polish 

 As a ballerina we can’t wear dark nail polish while we are performing for lots of reasons. Firstly, it’s a bit too individual and it’s distracting at the end of your fingers, hands are so expressive in ballet, you don’t want anything to distort that. Even when I was a student and not performing my teacher wouldn’t allow it, ‘not classical’ was the reply when I enquired. However I like the ceremony of putting on nail polish and it makes me feel ‘done’. So to get around this I wear pink or natural like a lot of other dancers around the world. I have a large collection of pink nail polishes but I thought I would ‘ballerina test’ all the ballet inspired ones to see which ones hits top spot ! 


Chanel - Ballerina 167

I had to start with Chanel, it’s super luxurious ! The polish was a very natural pink, with a high shine. It lasted for 3 days without any chips, I think for its price, however, it should last a bit longer. 


Essie - Ballet Slippers

Was very impressed with this one. It’s quite watery while applying but it dried super fast, a soft pink and left my nails very strong as well. Bonus ! 


Barry M - Ballerina 

A very reasonable price with a little shimmer. However the tone was more ‘Barbie pink’ than ‘Ballerina pink’. 


L’Oréal - Rose Ballet 22

Liked this a lot. But it is a little too dark for on stage. Applied this on my toenails instead. 


OPI - Somewhere Over The Rainbow Mountains 

So, one of my favourites! Was a slightly dusty pink, which I liked, and lasted for ages, which I loved, and the application was satisfying if you know what I mean ?!?


What are you waiting for ?!?! Paint those nails a BalletStyle Ballerina pink and let me know your favourites ! 🤗


Dance photography- Rachel Hollings ... thank you 🙏🏻