Ballet Style meets ... Nathalie Harrison

This series of 10 snappy questions will offer a look-behind-the-curtain and gain an insight into their stylish life.

This week Ballet.Style meets .. 

Nathalie Harrison, dancer with The Royal Ballet Company. 

The phrase eclectic boho could have been coined for Nats. She manages to effortlessly combine an old vintage dress and a straw hat and still look amazing. This lady has style and being a mum hasn’t stopped her showing it. www 


What style do you like most in the studio ?

I do like the really old dance wear, the worn raggy favourites we all wrap around ourselves. Fine knitwear and 80’s Lycra is the dream but hard to find. I’m not into the sporty look. I like chiffon and layers.


How would you describe your style outside the ballet studio ?

Colourful, clumsy charity shop chic. I love visual noise. Bohemian, vintage I prefer ‘ pre loved ‘ clothes to new, I get an adrenaline rush when I walk in a good charity shop.


Tell me how you have styled your home ?

Well, it’s the house my husband grew up in and it’s an old property. It’s quite literally the polar opposite of minimalist. It’s rammed packed of artefacts, stuff and things everywhere, all are beautiful and fascinating with stories attached and we have some incredible books and paintings. I love it so much.


What’s your favourite meal to cook ?

I go through fads & stages with cooking, currently I’m very proud of my super healthy and delicious fish pie. My daughter can’t get enough of it.


What your number one make-up product or beauty ritual?

Concealer! For under my tired eyes And some blusher. I’m very pale.


What do you eat before a big show ?

Too much and always regret it. I’ll never learn


What do you get up to on Sunday ?

I frantically clean my farmhouse. I ignore the laundry and play with my 1 1/2 year daughter who is the apple of my eye. We spend a lot of time walking in the South Downs, cooking big Sunday lunches for friends and catching our breath ahead of the week beginning again. I try and have a salt soak in the bath but sometimes it doesn’t always happen.


Where is your favourite place to tour ?

Japan. Partly because it is one of the most interesting places I’ve been and also sentimentally I’ve enjoyed some amazing tours there. It’s very different to home, stimulating and fascinating at every turn. I love to visit rural japan on our days off. Plus they adore ballet there which adds some sparkle to the performances for sure.


What are you reading at the moment?

I’m reading the Paper Dolls, Burglar Bill and the tale of Jeremy Fisher. All about five times over at bedtime.

Is there anything you are doing outside of the ballet world you would like to share ?

I’m getting back into choreographing again at the moment. Some internal ROH projects but also making a short art film with some friends. I’m also writing various articles which I love to do. On the whole being a mummy and a ballerina takes up all my energy and time but I’m broadening my horizons ready for when I can to look at future adventures.

Photo Credit - Andrej Uspenski 

Photo Credit - Andrej Uspenski 

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