My Top 6 costumes 16/17

Here is a countdown of my favourite costumes this season 16/17! This season has been a bit of a rollercoaster. I was very ill with a nasty sinusitis infection which led to me missing a triple bill, and to be honest I'm still not fully back. I've been told that the virus I have, can last for a few months. Also, on top of that I'm still fighting the pain in my achilles ! But it wasn't all doom and gloom, I had some exciting debuts this year, (Countess Larisch/ Carabosse)  and have had a great time going back to some old roles in 'Carbon life' and Helena in 'The Dream'. With these roles came working with incredible coaches to put me on that stage. Dame Monica Mason, Leanne Benjamin and Johnny Cope to name a few.

So here's the countdown..


 Number 6... 

 My first costume is Florestan in 'The Sleeping Beauty'. It's an adorable little tutu, with bows and pink puffy sleeves. I personally loved the choker as well, gave that 90s throwback edge!

   Number 5...

My next costume is Olga's in 'Anastasia' Act 1. A light and breathable costume to sweat in, I also felt very true to the period the ballet was set in. The sleeves and collar with the fine lace sewn in made this a very feminine number. . 

 Number 4... 

Who can forget Carabosse in 'The  Sleeping Beauty'? Before I did this role I didn't realise how this costume is quite a raunchy little number !! Layers and layers of dense lace on the bottom half and fine delicate lace on top, with a serpent intwined around the bust area.  It was a very special role for me, and to work with Dame Monica Mason was a real highlight of the season. 


Number 3... 

Number three is Demi Diamonds in Balanchine's ballet 'Jewels'. The dropped tulle tutu, encrusted sparkles, and lace gloves, it screams 'BALLERINA'.  It reminded me of one of Degas paintings 'Dancers, Pink and green', however there was one flaw to this costume.... it showed serious sweat marks !!

Number 2... 

And at number two is Countess Larisch in 'Mayerling' act 1. I love this costume but I think it's more what this costume represents for me than the costume itself. A costume I never thought I would put on in my career, I couldn't quite believe i was doing it, and to also get an extra show with Edward Watson was a slight dream-come-true moment. 


  And Number 1 Is...

Orlando - 'Woolf Works II' !!

A gold suit with an Elizabethan collar, a peplum waist, and detachable arms.... What more could you want?! It does weigh a ton but it's absolutely worth it. I feel so strong and powerful with this costume on, it fires me up, and this is before I start dancing, hear the music and see the set. It's an absolute genius of a costume!

In action with my number one costume. Photo by Alice Pennefather.  

In action with my number one costume. Photo by Alice Pennefather.