Michael Jackson Style

Michael Jackson is the reason I dance today ! He was the artist who opened my eyes to ‘a performance’, I watched his videos on repeat in front of the tv and learnt all the steps to his dance routines, (‘Beat It’ was my favourite) ! Even today when I watch him dance, I still can’t get over his technique, he is far better than the professional dancers behind him. Every movement is crisp, clean and very musical. But what I’ve discovered recently is that he’s my fashion idol too ! He has a masculine look paired with such flamboyance, it’s super fun and very confident. His clumpy shoes with a load of sparkle and then a simple white tee. MJ at his best. 


Waist down a huge metallic, glitter explosion. Super fun. 

Trousers - m.topshop.com

The Socks - m.asos.com

Shoes -  www.selfridges.com


The classic white vest. Simple.  

Vest - m.topshop.com

Tights - dancer.com


Candy stick trousers are flamboyant, adding a white shirt tones it down. 

Trousers - Vintage  

Shirt -  m.zara.com

Coat -  m.asos.com


I like wearing my shirt for ballet, I sometimes tie it around the waist or wear it like a jacket. 

White Shirt -  www.marksandspencer.com

Black Skirt -  dancer.com


Gold and white. A classy combo, in an artistic kind of way.

Trousers - www.selfridges.com

Shirt - m.zara.com


Twinkle Toes 

Those Socks - m.asos.com

Shoes -  www.mulberry.com


I’ve always raved about how much I love my costume from Orlando, Woolf Works !!! Now I know why !