My Seasons top 6 costumes!

Here is a countdown of my favourite costumes this season 15/16! This year has had it highs and lows. I thankfully have had no serious injuries that have made me miss my work, but have gone through a bit of pain recently due to swelling in the Achilles. I've had some incredible debuts this year,(Ballerina, 'Afternoon of a Faun') and have had a great time going back to some old roles (The Raven, 'Raven Girl'). Costumes are incredibly important for a ballerina. They help you to get into your role, feel your character, and give you that extra something on stage! So here's the countdown..



Number 6

 Christopher Wheeldon's 'After The Rain'. A simple halter neck leotard with sheer cut to the ankle tights, made this costume simple and a tiny weeny bit sexy! I felt confident and fierce, which helped a lot for this role! 


Number 5

Sir Peter Wright's 'Giselle' as Moyna. It's a classic long romantic tutu and is very beautiful. Thin layers of muslin makes this costume light and airy, which helps it to flow with your movement. 


Number 4

Sir Kenneth MacMillan's 'Romeo and Juliet' as The Lady. It's opulent, glamorous and fits like a glove, and the sleeves are truly magnificent!


Number 3

Sir Kenneth MacMillan's 'The Invitation' as The Wife. I wore three costumes in this production and it was hard to choose my favourite. This one stood out for 3 reasons. 1. The colour. 2. The way it skimmed my body. And 3. Never has a costume put me in a role and head space like this one.  




Number 2

Wayne McGregor's 'Raven Girl' as The Raven. It has detail and texture this costume! The leather bust, with feathered arms and clusters of sequins makes this costume fabulous!


And Number 1 is... 

Jerome Robbins 'Afternoon of a Faun' as the Ballerina. This costume is beyond chic. Just like the costume for 'The Invitation' it put me straight into the space and allowed me to get inside the character. I really did feel pretty and it's very unusual to have your hair down for such a big role. The light blue colour with the loose belt is so understated and fits perfectly with the choreography. I love this costume! 


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