Off stage fashion

Dancer’s fashion can range from uber glamorous to downright wacky. I tend to have a masculine edge I love the androgynous look. Maybe this is due to my job. Not all but a lot of our costumes are for those fairytale roles, they are pink, sparkly and delicate. From tutus to flowing Juliet style dresses. So its great to throw on a boiler suit after a show of Sleeping Beauty!

Personally I don’t wear much jewellery, not because I don’t love it but because its impractical to take it on and off between rehearsals. We love a good trainer (sneaker!) and the only time you’ll find us in high heels is if we’ve got a party to go to and our nails aren’t too bruised! I’m always on the lookout for some cool mid-high heels – they’re proving elusive!